Interview With Christian Business Professionals #3 Shaz Jones

photoTell me about yourself and your business

My name is Sharon Jones – everyone calls me Shaz Jones. My degree is in accounting and I’ve been helping people expand their financial world for more than 25 years. I’ve worked here in Australia and also in the United Kingdom. My business is Shaz Academy.

Shaz Academy helps entrepreneurs start, grow and prosper in their business. There’s a range of services starting with online membership of a monthly coaching circle through to management services and profit partnerships.

How and why did you become a believer?

I became a believer at 5 years old. It was at a children’s camp and the two presenters were clowns. They had funny sound effects that honked every time someone touched their nose. So I responded to the altar call originally so I could touch their nose! 🙂

But I think it really helped becoming a believer that young because as a child you need everything simple, and real. You can spot a fake really easy. And kids can make even complex things really simple. So all I really knew was that was God was Big and God was good – and He was real. And that’s still all I really need to know!

Do you feel it challenging to be a Christian business woman in this world?

I think life is always a balance of challenges and opportunities. Yes, it is sometimes challenging, but if you have the attitude that those challenges are what provide you with the opportunity to show how you are different as a Christian, and how you think differently and see things differently, it gives purpose to the challenges.

What was the most difficult decision that you had to make because of your convictions?

What a great question! I think for me anytime I am angry or I think something is unjust I find my emotions and my flesh turn the volume up really loud. So at those times I have to be careful to consciously tune in to my convictions and values.

There was this one time my major sub-contractor undercut my price with my major client. So she stole about quarter of a million dollars in annual business from me. Even though my flesh was making all sorts of unhelpful suggestions like “smack her in the head” (am I the only one that’s ever felt like that?) and “you should take legal action” etc. My convictions were saying “you should love the unlovable” and “grace abounds where sin abounds” etc.

So I decided to give them the free will to do whatever they wanted and just stay sweet. It was hard. It was quarter-of-a-million dollars worth of hard. But that client ended up coming back to me after the sub-contractor did other things that upset them, and they are still a client of mine to this day. So I’m glad that I listened to my convictions.

How is your business a ministry?

I think of myself as a minister no matter what I’m doing. In Isaiah the prophet records God saying “I am the LORD who teaches you to profit” so I am always trying to be a minister of “the Lord who teaches you to profit” in everything I do. Whether I am sitting down with my parents and looking at their legal affairs, or having a coffee with a friend, or writing books or working with my business clients.

What is your role as a boss to your employees?

I think my role as a boss will be different to others. You have to find out who God has called you to be. Everything flows out of identity. Like Jesus said to Simon “You are Peter and on this rock I will build my church..” He gave him the identity first and the activity and purpose flowed on from that. So for me, I always seen my role to teach people to profit – I’m always adding value to others by up skilling them.

Is there anything else you would like to share about your business?

If people want help with personal finances is a great place to start – there are links to download my book “Never Pay Bills” which became a number one on their best seller charts in January.

If people want help with their business, is the best place to start. You can join the monthly coaching circle and access all kinds of resources and choose what level you’d like us to work together right up to becoming partners so I grow your business profits for you in exchange for a share of those profits.



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