How to Keep My Business Life from Intruding In My Family Life

business life vs personal lifeRecently I had a very good interview with Brian Martinez, and he brought up this topic. I think it is a true winner.

Dear fellow businessmen—yes, men are usually the guiltiest of this—are you really with your family when you are with your family? When does your work end? Do you keep working on your iPhone, iPad, or other device after you have gone home? I do! I had a conversation with my wife about this recently. She told me that I wasn’t with my family for days. Of course I got upset because I came home early – at 5 o’clock – all of those days. Her counter attack (which was the truth, see the image below) was that yes, I came home, but then I was on my iPad working for the rest of the day. Oh boy, so you are telling me that doesn’t count as “being home”? 🙂

Being an entrepreneur is awesome. I have been one almost all of my life. Many people believe in the myth that when you are the business owner, you work less. That is not exactly true. You work more than anyone else. Either you stay at work longer than the rest, or you take the work home. Even those days when you are not taking it home physically, it is still in your mind. Raise your hand if you are guilty of day dreaming about business details during your family times. Yes, all of us are guilty.

“If we take care of what is important for God,

He will take care of the things that are important for us!”

It is so hard to believe this, but it is true. God is deeply interested in us. He is in love with us so deeply that we cannot fathom. One of my life verses is 2 Samuel 2:30B …If you honor me, I’ll honor you. I believe that. Jesus also taught us in Mt 6:27 that our worries will not change a thing. I have found myself justifying not being with my family so many times. It is so easy to say, “I have to take care of this, and they can wait!” Really? How about laying your life down for them? What if you die a year from now? What would be more valuable for your family: having money or cherishing the moments they had with you?

I am not encouraging irresponsible business decisions at all! I am a guy who always keeps deadlines. I know they are important, and there are legitimate reasons for overtime at work. The only thing I am trying to say is that God’s call on our life to our family is higher than His call to our business. I know we can say that if there is no business, there is no food on the table, but what if you really do die soon and have to face Jesus? Can we honestly say to Him, “I thought I could push it for a few years catching up on work so later I could spend more time with my family”?

By no means take this in a legalistic way! There is grace which teaches us to deny ungodliness. We are forgiven. I am just as guilty as many of you out there. I just want to encourage all of us to turn to God and ask: What do you have me to do Lord? Do you want my Isaac? I am ready to stab him if you tell me.

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