(Encouragement) New Wine In The Old Skin – Ditch The Old Patterns

Why do we believe sometimes that we can succeed in business by just leaving Christ out from a few decisions? Sometimes I know we have the tendency to make 99 percent of the decisions with Him, but when something gets fishy, we just skip Him and jump right into it. Do you know what I […]

new wine in old skin


WWJD(O): What Would Jesus Do Online?

First of all, I’m not so crazy about those WWJD bracelets. I think that it is much more important to consider what He did on the cross over what would He do in any other situation. But I get the point and it provoked me enough to think about what He would do online. Foundation […]

YouTube Cheat Sheet From Heaven

Thousands of dollars, some sleepless nights, and a couple gallons of coffee later, I feel pretty confident about dominating markets with YouTube. For example, I once had the top 5 positions for one niche on the first page of Google (4 of them were videos). Another time I beat Facebook on their own advertising phrase, […]

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how to sell more christian books

How To Sell More Christian Books in 45.5 Days

Whether you are an author with a smaller budget or a publisher with truck-loads of money, it’s the same concept. There is so much fluff out there but it’s a pretty easy task to grow your sales. Well, maybe not SO easy, but if you can commit time to it, then it’s totally do-able. In […]