Please Don’t Believe The Lies!

don't believe the liesI just had a very upsetting conversation online with a precious idiot. Good phrase, huh? I usually do not get into these types of things. I am so upset because of these empty-headed baboons who believe everything that the Internet says. Some idiots have nothing better to do than research about illuminati, freemasons, conspiracy, blahblahblah… I love my brethren, but when someone is an idiot, you just want to smash them on the head with a two-by-four – lovingly, of course. 🙂

The conversation started over Joel Osteen’s news that his church safe was robbed $600K. These guys started to rejoice over his loss. I think that is pretty awful. You just do not do that. I highly disagree with many of his teachings, and I believe that his doctrine is way off from Biblical truths; however, there are people who are getting saved through him, and he gives an altar call at the end of his messages. I understand that non-believers mock us because of him, but let God be God and every man a liar. Let God deal with him.

Then he went on to call Billy Graham an apostate who denies Christ and who is some thirty-something degree freemason and a totally evil guy. I mean you have got to be kidding me. Dr. Graham? Really? All he said on Larry King is that he is not to judge who is going to heaven or hell. He said that God’s mercy is so great that we just don’t know who is getting saved. Yes, salvation is by grace, through faith in Jesus Christ, but what happens to someone who never heard the name Jesus? My friends were evangelizing in Guangzhou, China, and after talking about Jesus for a few minutes and telling the person how much he is loved by Him, the guy asked if he could get his phone number. They had to start again from scratch. 🙂

A couple years ago the Zeitgeist movie stirred up many believers and unbelievers. I know of a pastor who stopped pastoring and left God because he saw that movie. Many people I met and talked about the movie with told me that I am blind and just have to do research. Just Google it and I will see the truth. C’mon people, really? Just because one or two or a ton of websites say something, does that mean it is true? Zeitgeist has hundreds of thousands or millions of followers. Do you think it is possible that 10 to 15 of them would start a blog and say what they saw in a movie without ever going to a library and doing research? It is the same as if I would say that people should eat cow dung because one billion flies cannot be wrong.

Please, dear fellow believers out there, listen to me.

  1. Just because you find information on a blog or YouTube, it does not mean that it is true.
  2. Just because a HUGE crowd follows someone, it does not make their message true. See Hitler!
  3. Please do not go out and talk behind people’s backs online. If you have an issue with your brother, go to the person alone just like Jesus taught in Mt18.
  4. Do not judge unless you are omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent. If you are that, then you have all rights to judge.

I have gotten really stirred up today; that is why I wrote this post. I hope it does not offend you, but ultimately, Ps119:165 says that those who love God’s doctrine; nothing shall offend them.

Have a good day and please share your thoughts on the topic below! 



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