WWJD(O): What Would Jesus Do Online?

WWJDFirst of all, I’m not so crazy about those WWJD bracelets. I think that it is much more important to consider what He did on the cross over what would He do in any other situation. But I get the point and it provoked me enough to think about what He would do online.

Foundation for this blog post:

Ps119:165 (AMP) Great peace have they who love Your law; nothing shall offend them or make them stumble. 

“If you can be offended then you should be.” –Bill Freeman 

Rom8:1: Therefore now there is NO condemnation… 

This being said I want you to know that if you are guilty of any of these offenses, don’t condemn yourself. I’m not attacking anyone, I’m just expressing my freedom of speech. I have been guilty of some of these items anyway.

Would Jesus have a Facebook account?

Let’s say yes, that he would. But what would He use it for? Would it be obvious that He is a Christian from the standpoint of His “about” page or it would be clear from His posts?

I think He would minister to people. I think He would pick up the phone when someone has a birthday and not just send him a “happy b-day dude” post. He would be all things to all men so that He might win some. I see Him ministering to unbelievers without calling them names and He definitely would not start foolish arguments about topics that lead nowhere.

“Those” Sites…

He would weep over the naked girls, the rape, the rage, and the bizarre mind of humanity. He would not just sit and drool over the monitor but would be on His knees interceding and asking His Father: “Forgive them they know not what they are doing!” He would see the woman in a porno movie as someone who has a father and a mother.  And these parents certainly did not think about raising a child who would have sex on film for money.

Talking About Others

When someone is doing harm He would go to His brother alone (Mt18:16, Gal6:1) with the spirit of meekness and reconciliation to restore them. He would never Tweet about how so and so hurt Him. He would not gossip about the details of the problem to the public and He would never send a salacious email: “Guess what Liza told me about Bill and Mary…” He would love because love covers a multitude of sins.

It’s Just Software

I’m guilty of this offense. Up until a few years ago I refused to buy software. I have used stolen and unregistered software. Don’t throw stones at me, I know it was wrong. I was a punk and I wasn’t even saved back then. Today I don’t have one illegal form of software on my computer and believe me when I say I have a lot on this work laptop! Just watch this video and be led by God in your decisions. Rom14:5: Let every man be persuaded according to his own understanding… –> other words have your own conviction.

What do you think? What would Jesus do online? 

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