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youtube tipsThousands of dollars, some sleepless nights, and a couple gallons of coffee later, I feel pretty confident about dominating markets with YouTube. For example, I once had the top 5 positions for one niche on the first page of Google (4 of them were videos). Another time I beat Facebook on their own advertising phrase, and out of 1.6 Billion results, I was #1 while Facebook was #2; this lasted for a few months. I love YouTube! Below are my advanced YouTube marketing tips. If something is too advanced, then just Google the topic. I don’t intend for this article to be a baby step-by-step instruction manual.

Video Quality – Everything should be well lit, but don’t worry too much about the video quality. Most of the time people view it on small-screen. Make sure it’s decent enough, but very expensive equipment is not needed in order to make something awesome. You don’t need a major video production.

Sound Quality – This is much more important than the video quality. No matter what device you use for shooting – whether it’s an iPhone or DSLR/ professional camera – make sure you NEVER use the device’s built-in internal microphone! This will bring down your coolness score to .1 (seriously). Granted, YouTube is a video and not audio channel, but it’s much more important that people hear you clearly since 99.99% of the time you are trying to communicate something through sound/voice.

Length – Ideally, try to be short to convey your message FAST. Most interesting thoughts can be communicated in 2:30-3:30 minutes. On the other hand, if you have something very long to say and you know – I mean you seriously know – that people would want to listen to you for 15 minutes, then talk for 15 minutes. Me personally? I don’t have that much time or attention span. You’ve got to be very good to get my attention for 15 minutes.

Annotations & Analytics – These two guys go hand in hand. I was happy as a lark when Google came out with the analytics on YouTube. Especially the attention span portion, aka average view duration. Here is my secret sauce for you: Let’s say you have a video that’s 4 minutes. You find out through the analytics that you lose 75% of your audience at the 3:16 mark. What do you do? Put in an annotation at 3 minutes that promotes your next video. Why would you want to let your precious viewer off the hook?

Watermark – It kind of speaks for itself. It’s good for branding and burning your message/url/image (whatever) in the brains of the viewer. Additionally, if anyone ever embeds your video on their site, it is still promoting you!

Bumpers – This is the section at the beginning and end of your videos. You can place call to actions here, social media links, etc. Be creative. When I’m doing this for my clients, in most cases we place a promo image for a few seconds that asks the viewer to go to one of our landing pages.

Title – There is a limitation to how many characters Google can show from the video title; also, you are limited in YouTube as well.

Description – One thing is very important about it. Make sure that the very first word of it will be a full url. That means you have to include the http://www part as well. It’s good to place here some intelligent thoughts as well because some people will read it. I’d highly encourage you to deep link to the site and not just to your home page.

Tags – You should always do a keyword research when you do online marketing. If that is a shocking information to you then do some Google research on the topic. Use those keywords here and spice it up with some long tail variations as well. When YouTube suggests something then take it.

All Other Fields aka. Advanced Settings – Please make sure you always fill out every field that’s here. Especially location. It really helps in SEO. Allow embedding, comments and monetizing as well. YouTube loves you is you let them make money on you.

advanced youtbe settings

Get Those Views – It is very important that you would get some extra boost in the first 2-3 days of your video’s life. Go on Virool and buy some views. Spend as much as you can so that people would watch your videos. What I really mean is bid the cheapest possible per view but you should spend at least $20 on a video.

Once you’ve got some initial boost through Virool then go ahead and use your AdWords budget and do some creative advertisement for those puppies.

Let me know what you think about this YouTube Cheat Sheet From Heaven. If you want to know more on the topic just ask below.

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